In the presence of that mountain stream, my eyes beheld an unparalleled beauty. The water, almost transparent as the air itself, flowed like liquid air, nestling in shadowy wells and pits, or gleaming under the touch of the vertical sun. It was an eternal feast for the eyes—cool, profound, and pure—a vast spring in every stretch and pool. One could lie down and drink from it or scoop it up in a cup, finding the refreshing coldness just right.

The clarity of these streams always caught me unprepared. No matter how many times you encounter them over the years, the sight is always astonishing. Even after a dozen annual visits, stumbling upon one still evokes an exclamation. Neither the Adirondacks nor Canada bore witness to such a sight. It's a water unrivaled in its absolute clarity, without strain or hint of impurity, appearing like a magnifying lens that brings the stream bed and its fish deceptively near.

Trout streams, more often than not, possess a hint of "off color," akin to imperfect diamonds. But in the region I'm describing, the waters are endowed with the authentic ray, akin to an undimmed and untarnished diamond—a true rarity to behold.

We are blessed with much to explore in our region, it is endless. Our region has more trails, cliffs, swimming holes and waterfalls than just about any other place in Upstate NY.  Vernooy Kill Falls, a few miles down, Ashokan Reservoir, Shawangunk Mountains , Lake Awosting, Minnewaska State Park, Stony Kill Falls, Jenny Path, Table Rocks, Bonticou Crag in Mohonk Preserve, Climbing at Peter's Kill, Minnewaska State Park, Verkeerder Kill Falls from Sam's Point, Minnewaska State Park, Ellenville Fault Ice Caves, Millbrook Mountain, Undivided Lot Trail-Mountain Rest Road, Duck Pond, Mohonk Preserve.

In our small scale farm we are plentiful in black currants, berries, and herbs.

Our friends and neighbors also offer small batch farming for delicious, delectable treats to nourish our bodies, and  entice the palette with organic produce; Sheeleys, Kelders, Saunderskill, Arrowwood, West Wind Orchard, Hollengold, Ravenwood, Ingram Family Farm- organic meats,  Aster Farm, Sugarshack Mushroom Farm and many more.